Don’t put off Greek

When I was young, my father tried to get me to eat tomatoes and peppers. I looked at them and said, “I don’t like them.” He said, “You will.” He was right. That analogy works pretty well with men training for ministry. Greek for some reason is one of those things some students in Bible College and seminary dread. When I was in school, I saw many of them try to avoid it like the plague. I teach Greek online at Baptist Bible Seminary. The courses were written by Dr. Rodney Decker who has taught Greek for more than 20 years. I was very encouraged this semester to find several men who are currently involved in full time ministry in the course. They have a deep desire to master New Testament Greek and are taking it for the first time. Perhaps they didn’t have the opportunity when they were first trained. Many schools have dropped rigorous Greek requirements and some schools offer only a token course in Greek. It is hard to become proficient without at least 2 years or more.

So here is my point: if you are in Bible College or Seminary and you have the opportunity to take Greek, do it. I have never known anyone who regretted taking Greek. If you don’t, you may one day in the near future be looking for ways to take it while balancing a family and ministry. It is easier to learn Greek when you are younger, even if right now, Greek, like those tomatoes and peppers, does not look too appealing. It will.

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