I thought I knew you

Tomorrow morning I will finish preaching through the book of Job. Job waited for God to show up and vindicate him and when he did, God was not what Job expected. After God educated Job about his dealings in the world, Job finally repents. In 42:5 Job tells God he had heard about him, but after the education he got from God in chapters 38-41, Job was forced to acknowledge that he knew so little of God. He goes on in 42:5 to declare, “but now my eyes have seen you.” In other words, Job said, “And you are not what I expected! I thought I knew you.”

God is gracious to Job. He does vindicate him before his 3 friends and later his own brothers and sisters. He doubles everything he lost earlier when God caused “ruin” in his life (2:3). God was not obligated to restore Job’s fortune two-fold. Some may ask, why did God only give him 10 children after he lost 10. Shouldn’t he have doubled the children to 20? He did double his children. The first 10 live!

God is a gracious God indeed.

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