New Book: The Glory of God

I’ve just finished reading the new book titled The Glory of God edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson. The book is published by Crossway Books in a series titled “Theology in the Community” which is edited by both men and is the second volume in the series. This book is a compendium of articles by various scholars who each address the concept of the glory of God within biblical theology. Each volume in the series will follow a similar framework, or as the editors note, “chapters addressing the Old and New Testaments in the book’s subject form the heart of each volume” (13).

The expression “the glory of God” is an often used but seldom understood concept in the local church. This volume is an excellent introduction to the biblical teaching on the glory of God. I found each of the chapters to be clear and coherent. I particularly enjoyed Richard Gaffin’s chapter, “The Glory of God in Paul’s Epistles.” Also, Tremper Longman’s chapter, “The Glory of God in the Old Testament” was particularly beneficial as was the chapter by Morgan titled, “Toward a Theology of the Glory of God.” Morgan did an excellent job summing up the differences between God’s intrinsic glory and his extrinsic glory; the glory of his essence and his glory manifested in creation. He was especially helpful in leading the reader through the discussion on how God does not share his glory with anyone, yet how he allows us to participate in his glory (169-71). This chapter was really well written and helpful.

I look forward to the other volumes in the series, which the editors state will include such topics as “sin, the atonement, the church, and heaven” (13). I have not yet read the first book in the series titled Suffering and the Goodness of God which was published in 2008, but plan to do so very soon.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Dan. As a dispensationalist who still believes that the purpose of history is to glorify God, that all we do should be for that purpose, and that God will be glorified whether we obey him or not, … let’s just say I’m interested in the topic. But you’re right, there’s not much written on it.

    I remember before I entered Bible school, when I just started thinking about ministry, I did a computer word search for all the English forms of glory I could come up with. I then went verse by verse through the list and wrote down any conclusions that I found.

    Now that I have a little more education, I’d probably re-work some of my earlier conclusions. Nevertheless, that personal study was formative to my thinking. So I’m particularly glad that there is a book on the subject that will help me think more clearly about this important subject.

    • Hey Bruce,

      I assume you are in Africa now. We are and will be praying for you. This was really a good book. I failed to mention the last chapter in the book dealing with the glory of God from a missiological point of view: excellent!

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