The changing face of seminary education

I just read a recent Christianity Today article (online of course) that chronicled the phenomenon of online seminary education. If you are involved in education in any capacity, you are aware of the impact that online education has had at the junior college, community college, traditional four year college, and the graduate school level. I was interested in the article because I’m an online instructor in New Testament at a seminary. While the jury is still out regarding online education, the facts are that enrollment is booming. Seminaries that don’t embrace it will likely find it difficult to compete (I hate even thinking like this, let alone putting it in print). But seminaries need to enroll students to survive and the last couple of years have seen some schools merge, layoff faculty, or fold altogether. I’m not sure that anyone knows for sure where this is all headed, but for now, as the title of the article states, “The iSeminary Cometh.”

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