New Tim Keller book on Preaching

Tim Keller’s highly anticipated book on preaching is finally out. It is titled Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of TK PreachingSkepticism. Keller, preaching in New York City, has mastered the art of communicating faith in such an environment and his book will challenge all pastors to reflect on how we communicate the gospel of Christ in a post-modern world.

Keller’s description of the benefit of expository preaching was excellent. He notes,

       Expository preaching is the best method for displaying and conveying your conviction that the whole Bible is true. This approach testifies that you believe every part of the Bible to be God’s Word, not just particular themes and not just the parts you feel comfortable agreeing with. A full confidence and rich grasp of the authority and inspiration of the Bible is absolutely crucial for a sustained, life-changing ministry of Bible teaching and preaching. When you have settled that, a sustained expository approach over time-in which you take care to draw out the meaning of each text, to ground all your assertions in the text, and to move through large chunks of the Bible systematically-will best pass your confidence in the Scripture along to your listeners (32-33).

I have not yet finished reading the book, but I am fully confident that this book will be required reading in homiletics courses in many Bible colleges and seminaries.

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