Kurt and Todd

Tomorrow Kurt Bricker and Todd Williams will graduate from Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pa. Kurt was an elder in our church and left about 5 years ago with his wife Juleah and their 3 daughters to attend BBS. He will graduate with his Master of Divinity degree and while attending found time to accept a full time pastorate at Eaton Baptist Church and also teach Greek at the college. Todd serves as our Associate pastor here at Grace Bible Church in Frederick and will receive his Master of Ministry degree. I am very thankful for their ministry over the past 12 years and for having two men from our church pursue further education for the work of the gospel. Congratulations!

Categories: Church, Seminary, Shepherding

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  1. I was privileged to attend this graduation ceremony w/ my family, and am sure glad I did. These are two men that have had quite an impact on me, and I respect their yielding to the call.

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