Those pesky prepositions in compound verbs

The significance of Greek prepositions in compound verbs is one of those issues in Greek studies where there is no real agreement. I read with interest Rod Decker’s blog where he offered a question in response to Dave Black’s post, namely, “do prepositional prefixes always change the meaning of any verb to which they are prefixed?” Decker noted that Black’s examples implied they always do. It is agreed that sometimes they do but the issue is whether they always do so. I am a curious fellow so I started digging around for anyone who had written anything on this specific topic. I found an article written by J. A. H. Tittmann who delved into this issue with some serious rigor. Tittmann’s article is a 22 page article with little or no headings. What follows is a brief summary of the article with my own summary titles. You can read it here: Review of Tittmann article

Categories: compound verbs, Greek, prepositions

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