Allen Ross on how to approach the Psalms

Allen Ross has spent 40 years studying the Psalms and the contribution of his three volume work, A Commentary on the Psalms totaling almost 3000 pages is a gift to the church. His words on how we approach the Psalms for study and application is worth its price in gold.

Expositors have to develop a keen understanding of poetic language when working in the Book of Psalms. This cannot be developed quickly; they have to “live” in the experiences of the poets to begin to see what they saw, feel what they felt, and think what they thought. And they will come to realize that poetic language does not simply embellish the text with pictures but serves to convey the ideas in their fullest meaning…

Poetry will take the reader beyond the straightforward meaning of words to their intellectual and emotional connotations. Poets want to excite in the reader or listener the ideas and feelings that they had when they wrote. In effect they recreate their emotional experience by the choice of words so that the reader may enter into the experience.

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