New Greek Grammar by Dr. Rod Decker

Dr. Rod Decker of Baptist Bible Seminary has recently announced that his first-year Greek grammar will be published by Baker in the near future. Titled Learning Koine Greek, this grammar will complement his intermediate grammar titled Koine Greek Reader, which has already enjoyed wide acceptance in second-year Greek programs.

Rod is a very sharp NT scholar and his other publications reflect this reality. These include Temporal Deixis of the Greek Verb in the Gospel of Mark with Reference to Verbal Aspect which is part of the series titled “Studies in Biblical Greek” published by Peter Lang and edited by D. A. Carson. He also has another forthcoming book on the Gospel of Mark in the “Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament.

Rod was my Doctorvater and he is now a friend and colleague. As good a scholar as he is, he is a better Christian and he and Linda have ministered to many students over the years. I hope this grammar enjoys wide acceptance as well.

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