Pillar NT Commentary series: the difficulty in finishing a series first

This is a bit of a lament. I have found most of the volumes in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series to be very good. I have been accumulating them from day one. What has been frustrating has been how long it takes for new volumes to come out. I bought my volume on Romans by Leon Morris over 20 years ago after it was published in 1988. The other day I received an e-mail from Westminster Books: Colin Kruse’s edition in the same series is about to be released. I understand why this takes place. Almost 25 years later, the literature has changed significantly in the academic world on Paul’s great epistle and Morris’s work is simply a bit dated in that regard, though still a superb volume.  I guess in my perfect world, a series would be completed before any revised volumes would come out! Those of you who know me have no doubts however that I will purchase the new one!

Categories: Commentary, Publications, Romans

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