Rob Bell taken apart by secular press

Rob Bell, the controversial emergent church pastor, has written a very soon to be released book on Heaven and Hell in which (apparently) his views on universalism are made clear. Writing books is an inherently dangerous proposition. You open up yourself to criticism even if you do a good job, but when your writing is meant to show how “enlightened” you are, well, even the secular media is willing to stand up and take a shot at you!

Rob Bell is one of these types of enlightened pastor-thinkers. Watch how Martin Bashir, no theological giant, takes Bell apart and exposes his inconsistency and bankrupt theology.

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  1. Dan,
    I think what is most interesting and telling of Bell’s position is the comment in your post, “Martin Bashir, no theological giant.” This discussion is unbelievable. What is revealing is Bell’s fallacy.

  2. Wow! We had a pastor recently fired in our area because he openly supported Bell’s book; the media in our area however, tried to make this pastor a hero for his stance and the church like they were closed-minded and mean. Thanks for the link!

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