Loving people more than plants

I have not posted for a few weeks for the simple reason that I have been too busy. I like posting and reading other people’s posts, but I have not done much of that either. In addition to pastoring a church, I have been teaching several courses online this fall, so any shift in my routine and boom, no free time. I had a prof who thought it was a sin to be too busy, but that is another blog topic:)

This morning however our Theological Discussion Group met at my local haunt and we were discussing the chapter by Tim Keller on the Gospel in the postmodern world in the book, The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor. This is a must read! Anyway, Keller notes this theological argument that a friend shared with him about the need for the gospel to be brought to the urban areas. It goes like this:

“The cities are places where there are more people than plants, and the countryside is the place where there are more plants than people. Since God loves people far more than plants, he must love the city more than the countryside” (113).

I like this and I do love the city. Having lived in Chicago, Dallas, and Philadelphia, I find myself at times longing  for the city. I have always admired men who refuse the temptation to take the church they pastor out of the city to the rolling meadows of  suburbia.

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