Arminianism, Calvinism, and the woes at Liberty

What seemingly began as an ongoing theological debate between Calvinist James White and Arminian Ergun Caner of Liberty University has ultimately resulted in Caner being relieved of his duties as dean of the seminary while being retained on faculty. It seems that Caner is not the former Muslim that he had claimed; not even close. The claims of Caner had been well documented by Caner himself on his website, but an internal investigation by Liberty (after much pressure from the church and exposure in the secular media) has found that he has made “factual statements that are self-contradictory.” What is still bothering so many within the church is that Norman Geisler is defending Caner as is Liberty. Both risk serious fallout. In Liberty’s case, this may be catastrophic. Caner became a celebrity in the church following the attack on 9/11. Liberty Phil Johnson has a superb post on his blog about this sad state of affairs at Liberty.

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  1. Phil Johnson mentions that Caner’s defenders are attributing this to “a Muslim-Calvinist conspiracy”…strange bedfellows indeed. Sounds like a novel in the making!


    • Hey Billy, I found this 13 year old story in Christianity Today documented the growing influence of Calvinism at Southern Baptist seminaries. It is even greater now. Many of these arminian schools are very threatened by the doctrines of grace.

      • Ironically, I just had the opportunity to see a similar theological paradgm shift in the class in Zambia. I must say it blessed my soul to see belivers light up with a new and deeper understanding of God’s grace.

      • Given both of our experiences in these matters, it is encouraging to know that God is raising up those who love grace and who have a high view of God and his soveriegnty.

  2. Indeed, strange happenings at Liberty. This kind of name calling against calvinists betrays, I think, an underlying issue that I am told exists. Apparently, there is a solid, growing calvinist remnant at the institution. “Methinks thou dost protest too much”:)

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