Be careful of trading him in!

A little over a year ago, I discussed the fate of pastor friend of mine who was being persecuted in his church by some leading men. He and the senior pastor were soon “let go.” The reasons were philosophical. You’ll never guess who “stepped in” to save the church; the pastor emeritus! There ought to be a law against that! Anyway, our gracious God began a new work and now both men are shepherding the new church, made up mostly of those who were repulsed by the power grab.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, another good friend of mine in the bible belt of Michigan was “let go.” The reason was “philosophical.” Some just did not like him. How sad that another church “let go” the man that earlier they were sure God had led to their church. In both cases, it was not that their theology changed and that they could no longer sign the doctrinal statement. It wasn’t that they were caught in a sin that called for such action. I say “caught in a sin” since all of us pastors are indeed wretched sinners. Just ask our wives. By the way, if every sinful thought or deed that we pastors commit could be broadcast on a screen behind us as we preached, there would be no one left to preach. No, in this second case just like the first, they just didn’t want him anymore. That is our society. Our car is fine, but we get bored with it; our wives get old, and we desire a new model; our pastor just doesn’t cut it for us anymore; time for a new one.

If you are a person who either is in authority to make such decisions, or if you have participated in such a coup, you might want to rethink what you have done or are contemplating doing. You better have a biblically defensible reason for your actions. And if you insist on getting your way, be careful; God may decide that you should be held to the same standard and there is no way of telling in what aspect of your life he may elect to do so! From what I have heard, in some cases, he already has.

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