We are not in Kansas anymore

Sometimes we pastors try to impress on our people the fact that not only is the world changing, but so too the church. There was a time in America where the church influenced the culture. Then came the modern world where the church and the culture competed for supremacy. Now in the postmodern world, the culture is influencing the church. If you want to see an example of this, check out the blog titled “Almost Kick-Off Time” of this church in the heart of all places, Lancaster County, Pa. I would be curious to hear what some of you think about this kind of worship setting.

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  1. Dan,

    It seems to me that there is a bit of tragic irony here. Commendable is the hard work this brother has undoubtedly put in to get all this in motion. Yet, he is preaching on the parable of the soils in the midst of all of these shenanigins which are being promoted (ostensibly) to create a greater and more effective hearing for the word. It would appear that this actually clouds the very theology of the passage that he hopes to communicate.

    I wonder if he would attempt the same snazzy theme if he was preaching 1 Cor. 2:1-5.


  2. Thanks Billy. As I said in the post, I am really curious to what pastors and others think. I would assume in the present culture, the reaction will be generally mixed, with some rejecting the method, some loving it, and others being indifferent towards it.

  3. Hi Dan,

    How have you been? I must confess that when I read the pastor’s post, I felt somewhat upset. However, when I checked his church’s website I was not so outraged. I understand that he could have done a little less in order to not take the focus away from Scripture, but his message outline seemed to be alright. In the website it seems that the football think is more of a series to attract unbelievers. Anyways . . . this is what I think . . . take it for whatever it is worth.


  4. Hey Rod,

    I “tend” to agree with your assessment. I guess I have been thinking lately about how what would never have been tolerated 40 years ago is normal today.

    As I read the blog, I was picturing Paul coming to Corinth to preach the saving gospel of Christ and advertizing a series of worship services titled “The Roman Gladiator: Who’s Your Favorite Warrior?” and having lions and all the trimmings.

  5. Hey Dan,

    It’s kind of like a parable of a parable.


  6. “Jesus in Blue Jeans;” “God is Rad, He’s my Dad;” “God is my Pilot.”

    We’ve all heard these sayings, and many more. I find these, and this football theme referred to in the article, offensive —- might I be going too far in saying, ‘sacrilegious?’

    Isn’t it as simple as, “but we preach Christ crucified….”

    Where is the fear of Lord? The Bible makes clear it is the beginning of wisdom, yet man continues to try to make God in his image. It’s almost as if you’ve made this Lancaster Church up to make a point. In our day, it seems the world is doing a better job in affecting the church, not vice-versa.

    Touchdown Jesus? We can do better.

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