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This past weekend our men went on retreat and were blessed to be led by Pastor Bob Burrelli who pastors Grace Bible Church just outside Boston. Bob and I were at Dallas Seminary together and he went on to Cambridge and earned his Ph.D. in Old Testament. Bob is also a certified counselor with the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, an adjunct faculty member of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, and an editor for the Journal of Modern Ministry. All that to say this: In the simple unfolding of God’s word, Bob led our men in a biblical study of what motivates us as he unpacked the doctrine of the heart. It was refreshing to look into God’s word as men and see the reality that it is not our circumstances but our heart that drives every aspect of our lives. Praise be to God for his gifted servants.

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  1. Thanks for posting that,I am enjoying your blog,Pastor Burrelli is truly gifted and it sounds as though the Lord spoke passionately through The Word through Bob’s teaching,where was your retreat?We are having at retreat at Grace Bible next month with Pastor Bob and Donald Whitney,very exciting and cant wait for it to come! If you live nearby please consider coming it will be a wonderful!-Blessings to you Brian Bousquet

  2. Thanks for reading the blog. Bob came down to Frederick MD and spoke to the men of our church which is also names Grace Bible church as is the church he pastors.

  3. I hear He coming back down to speak this month,wow you guys are so blessed!,Our family is in the process of hopefully joining Grace here as members and we are simply staggered at the quality of the preaching of God’s Word through Pastor Bob,I believe you understand what I mean by that,I wish you folks the best and pray God’s blessing for you,also thanks for your blog it is refreshing and enjoyable
    Blessings to you Brian Bousquet

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