A tribute to Dr. Harold Hoehner

I just learned that Dr. Harold Hoehner went home to be with his Lord today, February 12, 2009. There is a wonderful tribute to him posted on the Dallas Theological Seminary website that I hope you will read.

Dr. Hoehner was a professor of New Testament Greek at Dallas Theological Seminary and I had the privilege of having him for several Greek classes at Dallas. I was a New Testament major and took him every chance I could including Romans, Revelation, and other Greek elective classes. A week or so before I graduated, he asked me if any of my family from Pennsylvania was coming down and I told him no. The Saturday before I graduated, I returned to our apartment and was informed by my wife, “Dr. Hoehner called.” She said that he and his wife wanted to take the two of us out for dinner. We went out and then went back to his house where we stayed until 1 A.M. talking Greek, theology, and a host of other topics.

Dr. Hoehner was a better Christian than he was a teacher, and he was an incredible teacher. His ministry is still having an impact on me. He earned a Ph.D. from Dallas as well as a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. He also wrote what many consider the best commentary on Ephesians. I will miss him.

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