What a promise!

This morning I was preaching in 1 John 2 and I was struck right in the middle of the sermon with the reality of God’s unbelievable promise to me, a sinner from birth. In 2:18 John writes, “This is the promise which He Himself has made to us: eternal life.” God has promised all who have trusted in his Son for salvation from sin the gift of eternal life.

We have just finished an election season where candidates have promised voters all kinds of things including better health care, better jobs, an end of war, security from enemies, the admiration of other countries, and a host of things that they cannot deliver on. There is one who is faithful to all his promises and he promises us things that are far superior to anything man can promise us. The God of heaven has promised us life with him, and that life is eternal because he is the eternal God.

So let man promise to make our life a little better here on earth. We have a God who promises to give to us a blissful existence with him that will have no end. And he does not ask us to vote for him or support his campaign in exchange for this better life. No, out of his free grace he gives this to us. Our King is a gracious King.

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  1. Who can deny that this is a wonderful promise. It helps move our minds from the present to eternity.

    Nevertheless, it is also a sobering reminder in one way. For all of us, in one respect all of us have eternal life. What makes the differences is how and where we will spend it.

    Someone recently told me of an evangelist who said in a meeting, “One of us in here will be the next to stand before God. Will it be you?” What an excellent question. I intend on using it soon.

    Keep up the good work brother, always enjoy reading your blog!

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